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Seth B. Minkin



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Step into the world of my ongoing "white circles" series, where each piece tells a story of vibrant color and boundless creativity. This particular image is a kaleidoscope of hues, a versatile masterpiece ready to breathe life into any space it graces.

From the warm embrace of rust to the refreshing tones of lime and aqua, this color palette feels like a journey to another dimension. But what truly sets this artwork apart is its origin story, a tale that weaves together threads of inspiration and evolution.

Back in 2010, I embarked on a creative odyssey, bringing to life a menagerie of larger-than-life animals. From majestic golden elephants to ethereal white horses, each creation was a testament to the endless possibilities of art. It was during this whirlwind of productivity that a sea creature emerged, its existence marked by both beauty and sacrifice.

Yet, it wasn't the creature itself that left a lasting impression—it was the intricate details adorning its form. As I meticulously crafted its scales, I discovered a newfound appreciation for the power of texture and form. With a leap of faith, I obscured traditional facial features, allowing the scales to dance freely across the canvas. The result was mesmerizing—a symphony of organic shapes and whimsical patterns that would set the stage for a decade of creativity to come.

From that pivotal moment, the "scales" series was born—a testament to the transformative power of art. And as years passed, another epiphany struck: if scales could inspire such wonder, why limit myself to just one shape? Thus, the journey continued, giving rise to miles of beautiful circles, squares, and ovals—all waiting to ignite the imagination and inspire the next chapter of creativity.

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    When you acquire a limited edition print, your print will be signed, numbered, and carefully rolled in a heavy-duty tube, ensuring its safety during transportation. You can expect delivery of your print within 7 - 10 days.

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    For our "ready-to-hang" option, we offer a white solid wood frame with a 1" profile and a depth of 2.25". High-quality acrylic glazing ensures optimal protection, while a wire hanger allows for easy and secure installation, providing a museum-like experience in the comfort of your own space. Your framed print will arrive within 10 - 14 days.

The image shows seth b minkin working on an oil on canvas original painting in his studio in south boston

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Located in South Boston, just a stone's throw from the Boston Design Center and the Seaport District, Seth's studio is the perfect vantage point to see where the paint flies and view his incredible pieces.

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