Shown: New York Harbor Nautical Chart, an oil on canvas original painting by seth b minkin

[new york harbor nautical chart][2015]

[oil on canvas][72"x72"]

Maps are subjects I never tire of working with because they represent so much that is exciting in our lives.

They are rich reminders of our history as travelers and our ever evolving impact upon the planet in which we live. They evoke a sense of nostalgia, adventure, and most certainly, romance. Images like these instantly transport us to another place and or perhaps even, another time. They take us back to the places we've been, reignite our passions for the places we hope to explore, and remind us of our individual histories and where we proudly call home.

We are comforted by that which we find familiar, curious about the unknown, and exhilarated by the discoveries in between. As an artist, I have always appreciated the craftsmanship and precision required to create these documents, and I admire the beauty in every little detail.

From the map key to the compass rose, each line, dash, number and letter combines to create a symphony of marks that appeals to all of our aesthetic sensibilities. While I realize that accuracy is critical to a maps function as a navigational tool, for my art, I prefer to work with antique maps because of their great character, quirks, and often not so subtle inaccuracies; qualities that lend themselves extremely well as subjects for paintings.

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