Shown: Green Squares, an oil on canvas original painting by seth b minkin

[green squares][2018]

[30"x30"] [oil on canvas]

The compact scale & brilliantly subtle earth tones of this early example of my ‘discovery’ and celebration of the color white, presents a rich jewelry box of tiny individual abstract paintings; each worthy of its own large scale composition.

After recognizing how dark highly detailed areas became using black charcoal, I then tried the opposite, recognizing that the reverse must also be true. The end result brought a refreshing levity analogous with chance discoveries that translate into iconic innovations. Ten years and counting later, the ‘shapes’ series continues on to this day.

In this piece, an abundance of green tones and honey golds dance with bright blues to create a stunning water color effect, but rendered in oil paint. The sheer variation in the tones is beautiful and this piece is sure to bring sophistication, along with a sense of fun and levity to any space.

This original oil on canvas painting is available for sale. Please inquire for pricing and delivery information.

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