Shown: White Scales, an oil on canvas original painting set by seth b minkin

[white scales diptych][2019]

[36"x72" x 2 panels][oil on canvas]

A big, beautiful example of how the total abstracts came to be by way of my ongoing love affair with white charcoal and the color white. Thinking like a photographer with a critical eye for details that may be hidden in plain sight, I came to conclude that the most highly detailed sections of my artwork are often darker.

While I adore the detail in my map and motorcycle paintings throughout the years, I came to the conclusion that drawing with white would reverse the aesthetic course of these semi-abstract painting’s future. And so, I scooped up a mountain of white charcoal and got to work. After hundreds of hours, while my first few circles paintings were successful, I recognized a real problem. I was seeing the circles patterns in my pillow case in the morning. Working white on white would not be sustainable moving forward because it was too much strain on my eyes.

The solution would be base layers. Layers that would ultimately become so elaborate and sophisticated they would take on a life of their own. This particular work of art represents a time when I was on the very precipice of total abstraction. But, the rich, undulating deep ocean blues actually didn’t start that way.

At this point, the base layering process had become rather elaborate and required time to evolve from light to dark and the first phase of this painting actually incorporated lemon yellow and bright gold; a technique that generates a glow from within and a sophistication to the surface qualities.

With the addition of elaborate structure, organic and geometric, sophisticated and whimsical elements combine and contrast in perfect harmony. The lines, while reminiscent of a fishing net, evoke a sense of caricature, while the more painterly techniques elevate the visual components of the composition and present you with something new to discover upon each and every visit.

This original oil on canvas painting set is available for sale. Please inquire for pricing and delivery information.

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