[the kracken][2024]

[40"x40"][oil on canvas]

The Kracken is a favorite subject of mine. In particular, I love the depth of the ethereal blue background and the patterning of the high contrast white suckers on the tentacles, that give it a real sense of movement, brightness and fun.

This piece walks the line between representational and something rather more loose and open to interpretation. What I find the most beautiful about it is the tension that is created between these very rigid orbs and the very unrigid and unstructured structure they create.

I had a lot of fun making this piece. Much of the time, the constant repetition of shapes is both a worthwhile process to create an artwork, but also a meditation of sorts, where thoughts and actions unite to combine and capitulate, all in the service of creating something otherworldly and beautiful.

This original oil on canvas painting set is available for sale. Please inquire for pricing and delivery information.

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