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Hearts on Fire (2020)

Oil on Canvas | 30” x 48”

My series of abstracts has been a pivotal chance discovery that has evolved into a many-years-long celebration of all things born of nature and the very process of creation itself. This newly adopted language has introduced an element of romance and poetry into my work. It's always been there, but dwelling just a touch beneath the surface, awaiting their time to emerge and radiate. While every individual painting is a part of my being, each has its own presence and an undeniable life force that extends far beyond the reflective, chameleon-like nature of their beauty.

This particular piece reveals two hearts; while the silhouette of the larger one is more recognizable, the smaller oyster-like shape also identifies as a more anatomically distinct human heart. The marriage of the two, along with the intense energy of the gold and red pigments, is what makes this picture say a thousand words about love, romance, and what it truly means for one’s heart to be “on fire.”

Also available as a limited edition print in multiple sizes.  

Hearts on Fire oil on canvas original by Seth B Minkin  Hearts on Fire oil on canvas original by Seth B Minkin